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Steve Mason: Poet Laureate of the Vietnam Veterans of America

By Remy Benoit

If you haven't read some of Steve Mason's poems, you really should. This is a good place to start FOUNDING CONVENTION POEM.

From Veterans for Common Sense and Bill Varble , Mail Tribune (Oregon)Vietnam War Veteran's Poems Track Trauma’s Burden.

The numbers of casualties in Iraq continue grow. Those who come home will carry with them the physical, psychological, and spiritual burdens of war. They don't come home the same people who went to serve. They need us to know that; to help with that; to help them mend. Election year glittering generalities do not help them. Help helps them - real help - from you, from the VA, from families sitting by bedsides, from jobs, from a real feeling of being welcomed home.

I finished this, walked away from the computer and came back a little bit later to find the following article link had been sent to me by a man in active service. What those in combat know, what they suffer is REAL...please, be kind enough to read on, and try to begin to find the compassion in yourself that they need you to share. Keep the Covenant - you are there for us, we will be there for you. From Vets Find Stress Hard To Shake Biloxi Sun Herald .

Comment by George Packer from the New Yorker raises some things to think about concerning THE POLITICAL WAR.


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