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Once Upon a Time

By Remy Benoit

Once Upon a Time...such familiar words.

Once upon a time we had a dream...some I know mourn its loss; some have forgotten it; some still try to live toward it.

Do you remember the dream?

Has it changed for you?

Or have you changed for it?

Is it still in some part of your daily life?

I was called into the living room tonight to hear a certain woman sing. It has been a long time since she and Sonny stood together and sang, " I got you, babe. " But tonight I heard and watched Cher sing this one.

Sometimes we need to be reminded, like these times of war, of natural disaster, of economic hardship, that someone cares.

"(This Is A) Song For The Lonely".

If "the dream" seems too big, well, touching one other person in need is a can do. Share a smile; share hope, share faith, and share love. And you know what, you will feel less lonely.

I would love to hear from those of you who still feel there is some righteous to "the dream" about how you think it is faring.

This is one group that is still living it:

Doctors Without Borders.


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