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Clear Your Desks: Pop Quiz


Okay, did that title bring back memories? Make you nervous? It is interesting to consider all the stuff we still carry around with us.

But this is a different kind of pop quiz than the ones that used to set the tummy a churning.

The Conventions are over. There are several weeks to go of all the words coming at you. So how do you decide if you haven't decided yet whose button you will push on Election Day?

Perhaps broadening your perspective will help. So let's push a few of our own buttons.

Remember the old phrase ' to walk a mile in someone else's shoes?'

Try these on for size, fit, comfort, or discomfort.

How would you be voting if you were one of the following:

A single mom working one or two minimum wage jobs, juggling child care, shopping, etc.;

A Texas oil man;

A factory worker whose factory had closed down and moved to, well, maybe Brazil;

A public high school teacher;

An executive retiring with a $25 million dollar Golden Parachute;

A young person who would like to travel the world, doing the back packing thing so many of our generation did, but afraid to because of the terrorist threat;

A young person deciding on whether to join the military;

A woman of a "certain age" looking to re-join the work force;

A man in his late fifties wanting to change jobs, careers, life style;

An urban dweller with all the problems concomitant with city life;

A senior citizen in a nursing home, or at home deciding on the cost of meds or food;

A recent college grad looking for a first time position;

A Cultural Creative looking to change the world to a more peaceful place.

We could go on all day with list making. But "Your assignment, Mr. Phelps" is to find at least one newspaper, online, or magazine article from the perspective of each of those groups. Walk a mind mile in their shoes and that should broaden your perspective.

Ask yourself too that if you have been sitting with Franklin and the others writing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution which platform, which candidate most nearly upholds the promise so dear in them. Their dream, our heritage, is not an impossible mission.

And while you are considering these questions, perhaps you might want to think about clicking at this site only takes a few seconds, but it is lifesaving, because yes, Virginia, there are people starving, not only "out there" but here in the States too. Hunger Site.

To those of you threatened by Frances, who may not have power for a few days, please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

VOTE - it is not only your right, it is your responsibility.


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