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This is an election year.

I suppose that you have noticed that.

There are MAJOR ISSUES with which we need to be concerned.

Those include:

The fact that we are a nation at war;

The fact that we have active combat troops in place who need our support;

The fact that we need to protect our Homeland and its basis, OUR CONSTITUTION;

The fact that the economy needs serious work;

The fact that we are gathering in a huge national debt.

The fact that our children are being left behind;

The fact that health care costs are out of control;

The fact that we continually challenge by limited thinking the welfare of our ecological unit - the planet we live on;

The fact that our Vietnam Vets have yet to be graciously welcomed home;

The fact that our Veterans as a whole are not getting the health care, nor the respect, they are due;

The news is full of election mud being slung about.

As citizens of this country we have the right to demand LET'S STICK TO THE ISSUES.

Let's be told where you really stand on each of the above issues and a whole lot more. And back it up with performance records.

Let's clean up the election campaigning and get down to what this is really all about and that is the future of this country.

Let's say to the media - Give us what is important, not what would get you a missed recess in elementary school for poor citizenship practices and mud slinging back and forth.

Before you vote, ask yourself what your vote on election day will mean to your grandchildren and the world you will leave them.

That is maturity, that is compassion, and that is what it is really all about - not mudpies.


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