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Natural Resources Defense Council

By Remy Benoit

   Most of us know Robert Redford as a wonderfully gifted actor. He has another major role in his life and that is serving as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Natural Resources Defense Council.
   When we think back to our youth, some of our fondest memories are those surrounding natural habitats.
   I recall as a young girl spending endless hours in warm weather treading barefoot through the tiny creek that ran at the rear of my grandfather's country property. The tiny pebbles at the bottom of the creek were an endless source of fascination for me. Years passed, the "country retreat" was sold and houses were built. Some of my students came from those houses and I often wondered how many of them knew the same joy of that tiny creek that I once did.

   I recall long, long walks in the woods; listening to the silent beauty of the snowfall on a winter's night. There is wonder in the cold of a winter's day to witness the purple quiet of blueberry bushes lying dormant. It reminds us of the cycles, of the ebb and flow of life.It reminds us that the earth, like us, must have sufficient nuturance, and rest.

   We have know the wonder of the power of falling water; the beauty of the desert in bloom. We have gone in canoes down rivers, challenged white water, put out fishing lines, or just laid back on the riverbank letting our toes dangle in cool, clean water. We have been blessed with the magnificence of sunrises and sunsets beyond our capabilities for description.

   We are caretakers of each other and of this planet. It is our heritage, it is our children's and their children's legacy.

   It is a place of spirit, of the great gift of supporting our life on it.

   Please visit NaturalResourcesDefenseCouncil.

   Join Robert Redford, and others, in caring for our home.

   Be peace,


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