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Editorial: Support Our Veterans

By Remy Benoit

Over the years many of you have told me that you don't know how to talk with Veterans; that you wish there was something that you could do for Veterans.

While it is true that many Veterans are reluctant to speak of what they have known, it wouldn't hurt to just say, Thank you for your service.

But there is something more that you can do for Veterans and that is to make your voice heard in support of the financial, mental, and physical care that they need.

Ask of the current candidates how they will help the Veterans. Demand that Veterans and those in active service get what they need.

Inquire of the Veterans Administration as to the condition of facilities, the availability of staff, the adequacy of supplies of the things those they serve need.

Write to your Senators and Representatives and demand that those who have served and are serving are getting the care and supplies they need.

Make local inquiries as to the needs of the families of those who are in active service now, of those whose lives have been interupted to serve. Find ways to help where help is needed.

Visit a Veterans hospital - send books, magazines; hold a hand, listen to a story they are willing to share.

Support groups like the Disabled American Veterans.

They were, they are, there for you.

Keep the unspoken Covenant - You are there for us; we will be there for you.


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