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President Woodrow Wilson went to Versailles with his famous 14 Points to try to incorporate them into the treaty that would end World War I.

Wilson's Fourteen Points.

The principles behind those points would ensure a respect for national sovereignty, freedom of the seas, equality of trade, self-determination of nations.

Those principles were for the most part tabled at Versailles and a punitive peace written. There are few of us who do not know the repercussions of that.

The Versailles Treaty
June 28, 1919.

First World War and Hitler.

World War II.

Biography: Woodrow Wilson.

One of the Points called for the formation of the League of Nations.

That organization was followed by the formation in 1945 of the United Nations.

Taking a walk down history lane helps to give us some perspective on where we were, and where we dream we can go. History is a living force in our lives when we take the time to understand it, to learn it; to use it to enhance our future.

Be an informed voter. Know where the threads that entangle us today were first woven.


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