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I took a walk tonight with the puppy. The heat is much less intense than it was over the weekend when the apparent temps clustered around 114 with all the humidity.

I like to walk at twilight time, watching the sun fade through the outstretched arms of the Live Oaks.

It all set me to thinking back to those days before we knew how it all worked, or didn't.

Think back to your last summer of innocence; all kinds of innocence.

Think back to the time when you felt that you could be, or do anything; when there were no stops, no conception of the finite numbers of our days in our current forms.

Think back to what your dreams were then.

Think back to what your ideals were then; who your heroes were then.

How many of those dreams still linger?

How many of those ideals have shimmered and faded in the heat of everyday demands?

How many of those heroes remain untarnished?

Write a letter to your old self. Tell that self who you have become. Tell that self about how you feel about who you have become. Tell that self about changes you would like to make in yourself.

Write to those old dreams; let them go, or tell them how you will find a way to rejuvenate them and finally bring them to fruition.

Write to your old self about what you have found that you have let into your life that you would rather not have and how you plan on letting those things go that are not right for you.

Write to summer itself about how you feel when it is here.

Find a common ground for that innocent you and the now you among the roses, the hot city streets, the woods, or the swells breaking on the beach.

Take a walk with you, with nature, with whole of Creation and see what wonders you find.

Translate those wonders into your everyday life; into your life as a person living in a free society.

Somewhere in there you should find the dreams, the ideals, the heroes to help you to be peace.


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