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Dean Koontz: The Taking


We all have them.

The “to do” lists; the “priority” lists.

The taxes are due; the car needs a tune-up; you have a dentist appointment.

The lists are endless, time consuming, nerve wracking. We are followed by a sense of urgency in so many, many things. We call it survival.

But we often fail to see that word, that “survival” word as it applies to others and as it applies to the world we choose to live in and to leave to our children.

Oh, yes, the children.
Where are they on your priority list?

What if you woke tonight, in deep dark of the middle of the night, to find a hard rain falling; a hard, alien rain that was washing away all you knew the earth and civilization to be?

What then would be on your priority list?

What then would be of the most importance?

And how are you personally up to dealing with a hard washing away of all you knew of the world?

Dean Koontz’, The Taking, has some questions and answers for you. Dare to ask these questions of yourself.

The Taking. Please note: This book is not for young children.


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