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I went to the search engines tonight looking under the word HOPE.

There are many listings of all kinds.

We cannot live without hope. It is what keeps us going, drawing breath, getting out of bed in the morning, and taking on a new day.

We read the headline news and there are few things there to lift our spirits.

But think back to how many times in your life things seemed out of control, beyond your means, capacities, even coping. But you are here, and you made it through. Somewhere you found a ray of hope that lit the way at least to the beginning of resolution of whatever you were facing.

Make this HOPE DAY. Share a smile, say a prayer, say thanks for the day when you found a ray of hope.

There is HOPE, for all of it, if we share our strength, share our visions of things evolving and changing to the better through our efforts, no matter how small or insignificant those efforts or changes seem.

Those of you old enough will remember the old line:

It is better to light just one little candle than to curse the dark.

Light, and share, your candle, your smile, your vision and HOPE will spread and come, eventually, to fruition.



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