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An Iraq War Veteran Speaks

By Remy Benoit

It is the weekend.

Yesterday storms raged through here bringing much needed rain. A new yellow rose is about to open this morning.

Some of you are in church now.

Some of you are swimming, fishing, sleeping in.

Much of Jazz Fest was rained out in New Orleans this weekend.

Have you had your morning coffee?

Have you had your hot shower; a dip in the pool?

Have you cut your grass, done your wash, watched the tube, the NBA playoffs, the Kentucky Derby?

Did you make toast, barbecue a burger or steak, scramble an egg?

Have you hugged your wife or husband or children?

Those are all normal things we do. And we should be doing them. But many of us are not home to do them.

We are not using ration stamps. We drive our cars, buy new tires, have lots of flour and sugar, if we are lucky; if we are not some of the millions of Americans without sufficient food or housing. We have those things if we are not senior citizens who have to make a choice between the cost of meds and the cost of food.

We are not planting Victory Gardens although many of us are raising vegetables.

Some of us are in an active combat zone that took heavy casualties last month. While we celebrated May Day, they knew war although we were told it was a Mission Accomplished a year ago.

Let us not forget them. Let us be there for them. Let us listen to them, the ones who are there; the ones who know what they need to do what we have sent them to do.

From Iraq war vet says leaders must own up to errors.


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