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By Remy Benoit

This is a place for you, no matter what kind of war you have known, to find help to write yourself home.
Some of you have known active battlefields, faced fear, known courage, known loss on foreign soil, in foreign waters, in foreign airways. Some of you have known pain at home when those closest to you, for whatever reason, have become the enemy. Some of you have let yourselves down and carry the pain of what might have beens. Some still feel the pain of a decades old incident in a classroom.

Whatever the pain, the stress, the hurt, the anger, the loss it is possible to ease it, find new direction, and even to find a way to help others with what you learned.

This site is for you. I would like you to feel free to express your experience through your comments, stories, poems. If you are looking for a former comrade in arms feel free to send the necessary information and I will post your search for you.

If you have a book/movie recommendation please send it along.  If a quote from someone speaks to you and you would like to share it, send that too.

Please help us bridge the gap between Veterans of different wars, reach out with understanding, compassion, forgiveness, whatever it takes. You have all know mud in one form or another. Whether you served in WWII, Korean snow, Vietnamese heat, Bosnia, Mogadishu, Desert Storm, or are now in active service you are bound together in service and blood. Help each other with what you all know, help each other home.

Since laughter is the best medicine, please share funny incidents with the rest of us.

If you know a place where someone who needs help can get it, please send that along too.

Please do keep in mind this is a pro bono site. The work here is all for you, no charge on this electronic
“invisible paper.”  I tend to the writing, to the costs of keeping it running, but I simply am not in a position to pay you for any writing. All copyrights for work you share will remain with you.

My heartfelt gratitude and my love to my son, Paul, for all the hours he spent in the successful construction of this site.

My heartfelt appreciation and my love to my daughter, Sarah, for her design of my personal page.

My gratitude to my good friend, Sgt. Michael Pectol,, who keeps me Focused, and is teaching me the way of the true warrior.

A special hug to Harry Kieninger, Medic, CuChi,, a true healer, a gentle man in every sense of the words. Thank you Harry for healing me and getting me walking again.

And to Captain B. Gerald Weeks, 1/27th, thank you for standing by me in so many ways: for believing in the words, the work, and most of all, for believing in me.

To all of you, Welcome Home.


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