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An International Priority List

By Remy Benoit

Early this morning I took our little puppy Boo out  for a walk. The sun was just  coming up and its  rays filtered and dispersed through the mist  onto a patch of clover.  It was lovely, quiet, and yes, holy.

As I  read and listen to the news, I am, like you are bombarded with negativity, fear, anger.It doesn't make me feel  like the sun on the clover did this morning.

Here in the States it is an election year with all kinds of questions being raised, all kinds of accusations being made, all  kinds of special interest groups with their own  particular voices.

The international news  is of the  same nature.

We  tend to have our  priority lists of what needs to be done this day, this  week, this month, this year.   What we haven't  caught on to is that what happens  everywhere else on this fragile blue planet impacts on that list.  

People are starving in huge numbers "out there;" wars are waging across the globe.  Some of you may  have someone you love involved in one of them. Some of you are living with, suffering with the residuals of another one.  Some of those "out there starving" are just  around the corner from you.

There are children from ghettos who  cannot conceive of what the word forest means, nor what a warm bed is, or food enough to keep the pains away.

There are adults trying to make it  with no  jobs available; with bills piling  up with no way of repayment. There are  people with two minimum  wage jobs, and no health benefits from either, who are still not making it.

There  are people living in tin covered, leaking, non-heated hovels sans  plumbing  on poor and non-productive soil that they are trying to bring to fruition.

There is  religious,  racial, gender, international intolerance, misunderstanding, and non-communication. And because of that, the long, but only partial list of ills, above will continue.

There is the  "bottom line" in numbers in ledgers with no thought of the human component of the  bottom line.

The media assaults  our sensitivities with increasingly vulgar  displays and call it  "family entertainment."

It is said that we get what we accept. These things all continue because we allow them to. Your  voice  can make a difference. The Niquahanam Project: Help to Heal the World is a place where you can share your ideas about how to start prioritizing the above list which is  barely inclusive. You many add to that environmental concerns, child care, needs for substantial reforms in education, the need to keep the morals observed on your   respective weekly Holy Day  in tact  during the week. The moral structure of the workplace should  reflect those propounded on the  Holy Days,  not the bottom line. If you do not observe one of those a week, well, then the old Golden Rule will do nicely.

Does your village need a well, need schoolbooks? Let us know on the site so others can see your need and hopefully move to fulfill it. School textbooks by the  gross go into dust bins  each and every June here.      

By the way, the folks down in Key West  have more chickens and turkeys than they know what to do with. Maybe  you need some?

If you are alone, or want someone to  "talk with" on line, to share ideas with, let them know.

If you have an idea  but not the technical skill to work it  out, ask for help.

Ask  questions  that you would like answered;  give answers you have to questions.

Share a story, share a poem, an experience, something that you have learned that might help someone else; in helping someone else, you are  helping all of us.  

If you need a link or an e-mail activated, click on Feedback and I will see to it.

Do not just sit back and say it is all  falling apart, that there is no hope. Do something, say something, share something.

When I  was  growing up, we had that insane policy of Mutually Assured Destruction. Yes, it truly was quite MAD. But if we don't try to learn  about each other, help each other, factor in the humanity being crushed  in bottom lines, dying from  residuals of wars in their bloodstreams, we are still so much  following that path.

Are  you aware that all across Europe and Russia, active munitions are still being dug out of the  ground from WWII, WWII  and in some cases the  1870  war?

Are you aware of what landmines are doing across the globe?
Are you aware that the US is a non-signatory to landmine regulation?

The only way we can prioritize the needs of the planet  is if we work together on it.

Express  your views, ideas, book  reviews, site  recommendations, frustrations, observations,  ideas, needs with  grace and dignity. This is an international family site and vulgarity  is not the thing to be bringing to it.  Bombs generate more bombs,  and so does lack of control in  expressing your self generate more fear, hate, and anger. Be for something, try to steer it into a human and  planet friendly course.

Again, again, is all in the choices we make.

Again, again, is like Einstein said you cannot solve problems with the same thinking that made them.

Step  out of the box and into some new shoes,  your own, or take that proverbial walk in someone  else's and blaze a new path.

Join us at The Niquahanam  Project: Help to Heal the World. a pro bono  site for  the well being of all of us. Please  forward this to your friends  as an Open Invitation to share themselves and their ideas with all of us.


Remy Benoit


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