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Generation Y Continues

By Remy Benoit

We continue with the voices of the young on the obstacles to world peace. Because of their comments, I am adding a few links to sites that will help us achieve tolerance toward each other.

A few thoughts to consider before the young people speak:

My name is Peace

I wait for you.

I wait in the verdant crests of the ocean;

in blue, cloud puffed skies.

I rest in sanguinary sunsets.

I was there in the laterite of Southeast Asia;

in Korean snow;

in the depths of Verdun while you fed me a blood sacrifice

that defoliated my sweet refuge.

I was the in the Russian snow when Napoleon found Moscow empty.

I wanted to skate with you in joy across Lake Ladoga tasting

the sweetness of the White Nights.

But I still wait for you.

I wait in tormented households;

on ghetto streets;

in refugee camps;

on the Wailing Wall

just as I waited in salted Cathaginian soil.

just as I keep waiting when your reved engines

fly by me filled with road rage.

I wait while you play discordant symphonies

of angst, greed, and fear.

I will continue to wait -

Which one of you still step forward first

to dine, to share my feast’s abundance and joy.?

While you decide, well, I will wait for you to call my name.

World peace is something beauty pageant contestants wish for. An unattainable dream that is never worked for nearly enough.

World peace will never happen; and while this outlook may be pessimistic, it is more realistic than believing that everyone will one day get along. People will always be different. There will always be conflict. There will always be countries with superiority complexes which prevent them from placing eqaul values on the lives of foreigners and the lives of citizens within that specific country. Hunger and poverty are symptoms of the problem in this world, and they are too often mistaken for the actual problem. However, the main difficulty hindering this planet from reaching “world peace” is power hungry, egotistical leaders who seem way to eager to risk ridiculous numbers of human lives in order to ‘prove a point’ to other countries.

While it is nice to dream about the impossible, eventually every child learns that there is no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, and no Tooth Fairy. I think it is about time we adults stop wishing for world peace and start working together to fix the many problems we can remedy. Erica S.

There are many obstacles that are preventing world peace right now. One obstacle is people thinking that world peace is never going to be achieved so they don’t care. If more people cared, it would make a big difference.

Another obstacle is racism. So many people are racist and they learn from their parents. Racist people are not going to accept all people and it will cause fighting. Racism is what causes most fights. This is definitely an obstacle to world peace.

One more obstacle is overpopulation. This causes many problems. It causes fighting, more littering, more killed off species, and less water. Over time this will get worse and already is.

These are only a few obstacles to world peace. If people just actually help in achieving world peace, it’ll make the difference, and if people weren’t racist. These small things make a big difference. Overpopulation too. Felicia D.

“World peace. Something that hasn’t yet been accomplished, and probably won’t be for many years to come. Although it would be a great goal like any other goal, there are obstacles in the way. There are many obstacles that we, along with other countries, need to overcome. One of the biggest problems I can think of is greed. The greed for money, for land, for power, or even for resources. In order for peace to be accomplished, all countries must feel they have equal power; equal land, and a worldwide equal currency. Although it may not sound possible, I believe it will be accomplished in the years to come. Jeremy H.

World peace is hard to achieve. At present, there is almost no outlook to it. In fact, I believe that the complete opposite is occurring. For instance, rather than verbally trying to work out agreements over land, some countries have even stooped to hiding out in churches which are being blown apart as we speak.

Is it human nature to not want a happy medium somewhere among the rubble of war? Greed is ultimately the fuel for war, no matter what it is you want or where you want it. Greed doesn’t have to be physical. Of course, greed is most often though of as greed for money or land. In reality, greed can be characterized with freedom. Therefore, I believe that in order to create world peace, we must find a way to destroy greed. To destroy greed, humans must be taught to live a new, more mutually centered life. Mike R.

My views on the obstacles to world peace...I think that our biggest obstacle for world peace is violence. So many kids are being influenced to be violent by TV, the Internet, older brothers and sisters, etc. Movies make violence more common. This is because they see actors and actresses being violent so why can’t they be. That’s what they think at least. Kids who are not mature enough to handle movie violence , should be watching it. Or playing video games. Bu that is not enough to make world peace. It just makes a little part of the whole conflict better. Krystle P.

The obstacles that we need to overcome in order to have world peace is to stop all the fighting. Everyone needs to learn how to get along. Different countries are always fighting. They just need to resolve their conflicts rationally. There’s no need to start a war with another country over something stupid. Melinda O.

When I think of world peace, I think of everyone being happy and not fighting. That is not possible. There will always be arguments, fights, and wars. So the only time this world will have peace is when we use all our natural resources and die off, the entire world’s population. Then, finally, after thousands of years of this world, earth will have peace. Jesse Butryn

What is our world coming to? We face more and more uncontrollable issues. All you can do is keep the hope that some day it will get better.

Peace is where it should start. If everyone in the world just gave respect to anyone or everyone think of what a better place it would be.

If all humans on earth just realized the great gift of being alive. Too many of us take life for granted. We are not on earth that long so while we’re here we should make the very best of it.

These are two obstacles that I feel if defeated would make the place we live a better place. Yet we have not overcome them. I still hold on to that hope that someday it will be done. Kristen M.

I think some obstacles to world peace are violence, hatred, and separation. Violence is a big one. Everywhere you turn it is right in your face. It is one of those things that will never leave you alone. One cause of violence is hatred. People nowadays can just take one look at one another and dislike each other right off the bat. Most of the time hatred can turn into violence. And a cause of hatred is separation. It starts in the home. 95 % of families today are divorced. The parents dislike each other and kids dislike parents for splitting.

My view is that world peace starts at the home and keeps rolling into one big snowball. If we can get morals back in the family we just might be able to have a good snowball instead of a bad one. Amy S.

Upon all of the tragedies, violence, crime, drug deals, and many other things, these are just a few that prevent us from world peace. In the United States today nobody can agree on anything. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but when it domes down to making the major decisions for the world nobody can agree. If we could stop all the drugs from coming into the States that would eliminate a high number of deaths. Also the violence rate has done higher and instead of solving there problems the right way, people are being murdered: stabbed, shot, among other things. Also if the US could get along with other countries we wouldn’t have to go through all of these fights. Among all of this there are many other things that prevent world peace. I don’t think there will ever be world peace. There are two many obstacles that have to be overcome. Andrea H.

I feel that we will never reach world peace until we overcome racism. White people and black people acting selfish and inconsiderate is a huge blow to our nation. There is no difference between us except skin color and that means nothing. It bothers me that there are so many racists in this world.

In the future, racism will never completely disappear. However, the population of racists may eventually get lower. Until then, there is no doubt in my mind that we are all the same. Rob M.

World Peace is something that everyone wants but will never happen. Our world today has several problems that need to be fixed. These problems area caused by someone always making a mistake and everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. When mistakes are made, situations are caused and people fight to the extreme to be killed. Yes, there are many things that will bring us closer to world peace, but the goal will never be reached. There will always be a disagreement between people. People always will discriminate other people and will never fully get along. Nicole P.

In my opinion, world peace will never be achieved. Back to the time of Noah, there was hatred among others. God flooded the earth and washed away the evil. After that, one would think that people would try to be better.

All over the world, especially today, there has been hatred, prejudice, and intolerance around every corner. As sad as it may seem, we will never get rid of these factors. Most of these factors are passed through the generations. When parents teach their children about life, the children tend to feel the same way about many things. Each generation takes on the habits of the past generations. Shawn C.

What are the obstacles to world peace? The obstacles to world peace are when terrorists think that they can just walk, drive, or fly into our country and take over our planes and crash the planes into important buildings. That is one example. Another is us. We are an obstacle of world peace. We stop world peace from occurring. With all the violence that us people cause, we are stopping the world peace from occurring. Christina M.

To achieve world peace, there are many obstacles we must overcome. To get anywhere near world peace, these are just some of the obstacles we must get past.

A main thing I think we need to work on is racism. People are prejudiced against each other for so many reasons such as skin color, religion, and nationality. If we can’t learn to accept each other, how will we ever get along?

Another thing is that we need to make peace with all the countries we have problems with. We should all just make more treaties and get along. Kara C.


I believe that world peace is possible. The kind of peace I am talking is not one where no one ever disagrees on anything because every one acts the same, but one where people do not kill or hate each other for these difference. The biggest obstacle in the way of world peace is that so many people are taught to hate each other over differences in skin color, nationality, or religion. The thing that seems to cause this more than anything is ignorance. Both my parents thing anyone who is Islamic hates westerners no matter what because apparently it is taught in there religion. Somehow they suddenly became experts on all the religions and cultures of the world. They would not even listen when I told them and even showed them that that just wasn't true, but the only reply I got was" i older than you. I know what I'm talking about." It frustrate me whenever I see things like this. Learning about different religions and cultures is fascinating and it opens your eyes up to a wonderful world. Another thing that relates back to the problem of intolerence is that everyone seems to be forgetting that we are the HUMAN race, not the white race, asian race, black race, or whatever. Peace may be a ways off, but it is not impossible. With how technology is connecting the world our generation and furture generations are being exposed more and more to different kinds of people and different ways of living. I think that that is something that makes peace possible. And ironically I think that religion, which has started so many wars, can bring people together. So many religions teach love and peace. As more people relize this, the name some gives to their god or gods wont really matter. So don't give up on world peace. Noone can achieve a goal if you abandon it because they believe that it is impossible in any form.

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