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A Boomer Answers: Who Are We?

By Janet Kieninger

I am delighted to share with you the first answer to my question of the Boomers: Who Are We?
I am so pleased to share it with you today as it speaks to a vital part of who we are in that we are still looking for who we are, and that is a major sign of growth. The journey is the growth; the caring and reaching out is a measure of who we are. Thank you, Janet, for sharing your thoughts with us. Remy

Who Are We? Many of us don't know. We've loved, worked, laughed, cried, and lived our lives in a never-ending quest to
answer that question. Our childhood was simple, however, we took a turn in the road of life that led us to this place. This place is where we search desperately for a peace within ourselves. We try to displace the images that constantly remind us of "then." We buried so much, so deep that, when it surfaced, it overwhelmed us. Now as middle-agers we must finally reconcile ourselves to those memories. We are "normal" people who simply have "abnormal" issues which must be resolved. We live with the hope that, as we round the next bend in the road, we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. We hope that the world will be a better place because of our struggle. We are strong and our lives prove that. We are caring and our outreach to others demonstrates that. Who are we? We may never fully know, but we do know that we will never give up our search for the answer to that question.

Copyright: Janet Kieninger, 2002


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