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Spring is About Promise


Spring coming in very much in evidence here.

We watched an eagle soar above us the other day. The hawks and kestrels are busy.

There are new buds on many of the trees.

But the scent of Spring is here too, reaching out, just about saying " your sultry Southern nights are on the way."

What is it about Spring that enchants us?

It is more gentle than the winter. It brings life's flourishing to us; it stirs our blood.

If there is a problem in your life right now, perhaps you can plant it on paper. Give it words, give it seed; water it with love and attention, with more words; with prayer and with hope and let it find its own way to resolution without the negativity of worry stunting its path, tangling its stalks, choking its will to life and lesson.

Ask your problem how you helped make it emerge in the first place.

Ask your problem what it wants to teach you.

Ask your problem how you can help it on its way to resolution.

And then listen as it puts out it tendrils to reach for the sun and metamorphosis from problem to blossoms of growth.


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