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Putting Things in Perspective

By Remy Benoit

Perhaps it is because I am getting older.

Aren't you supposed to get a bit grumpy as you get older?

But watching the TV, the new "reality show" ads, the in your face extremely bad taste commercials, I can't help but wonder where are our heads are?

What passes for "family" entertainment and commercials makes me wonder "whose family, on what planet?"

I am not into the "ah, in the good old days we" thing.

Were the 50's good old days? Korea, McCarthy, Hungary, Cold War?

How about the 60's? Assassinations, Cuba, Vietnam, cities burning? When young people tell me they wish they had lived in the 60's, well, I tell them, "No, no you don't."

Then there are the 70's, 80's, 90's. Which of them rank as the "good old days?"

I read Jimmy Breslin's piece this morning from

It is not pleasant. It is certainly in your face, as it should be, about our perspectives, our priorities. It is not for the sensitive, but maybe, just maybe it is time that we get sensitive; that we face reality; that we see the face of the soldier "on Page 18" and when we paste up our newspapers we do a little re-shuffling of priorities, perspectives, and sensitivities.

From Jimmy Breslin and Haunted By A Soldier's Face.


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