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Generation Y Shares With Us

By Remy Benoit

I asked several classes of high school young people to share their ideas with us relating to the question:What do you feel are the major obstacles to peace?

I will be presenting their ideas to you as quickly I can ready them for uploading. I will correct only the spelling to render them more easily readable. These are the words of the upcoming generation. They deserve a right to be heard, and they deserve our attention. Remember, at one time we were their age, and wanted so much to be heard.

My heartfelt thanks to these young people for being here with us. If you would like to respond to the letters in general, or to a particular person, please do so at: and I will post them here. As usual, I ask that you abide by basic tenets of courtesy. There is no particular order that these are being presented in – I am transcribing as they are arriving. And please do keep in mind, this is “gut writing” no time given to go back over, tidy up, correct, etc. The views being presented are those of the young people, not mine. They have insights and questions. Do you have responses?

“World peace has been a dream a big hope which people have been affected by over a very long time. It kind of gives a picture of the perfect world whenever you think about the idea. I feel that it is possible to accomplish that type of dream although it would take a little more open mindedness, even coming from our country. I believe that all we need to do is stay out of other countries’ business. Well, at least that would be a big part of what would help. I think our country is definitely a little unorganized and horrible with money. We would need some very down to earth, intelligent, middle class people to run the United States in order to keep our country on a good, suitable level. Just look at people in general. Too much freedom causes people to get too out of control. Gregg F

People try to give so many reasons to why there is no world peace. They blame this person, or that event on why our world won’t get along. I find that there is one basic reason to why there is no world peace: peoples’ desire for power.

If you look back through history there is always one reason for conflicts or struggles. it is people trying to gain more power. All wars were caused for power. People fight among themselves for dominance over another person. To be able to do something and not get in trouble for what you have done because you are superior.

This one reason is why I feel there is no world peace; and unfortunately will never be. No matter how hard people, groups, or governments try, there can never be world peace because of this obstacle. Sean C

I think the main obstacle for world peace is that the world leaders today try way too hard. They should just let it happen. I believe humans have the natural ability to maintain homeostasis. And if we do have that ability everyone and everything will eventually fall into place. Heather G.

The obstacles to world peace are ourselves. The largest conflict is the inner conflict. Doing what’s right instead of what’s wrong. Self-obedience. If we are able to defeat ourselves then coming to world peace would simply flow. Evil and hatred are what destroy. Love is what heals. If people could learn to live out of love and caring for others instead of hate we could be living in peace. No one person can bring world peace. World Peace can only come if every person decides to overcome themselves. The only peace we can bring individually is inner peace.
Bess J

When you near “world peace” what do you think of? It’s a very debatable topic that shares many views. The first step is to get over whatever differences everyone has. The reason why there isn’t world peace is there is too much hatred. People are different. Everyone is. I just wish people saw passed those differences. That alone would make the world a better place. The world is too judgmental, always looking for someone to blame. That’s what happens. Erin H.

The way I look at it, I think that human nature is the only obstacle in the way of the hope for world peace. People are corrupt and the way people act will never change. We are the reason that this idea will never become a reality.

Greed and the on going thirst for power will always be. I just don’t see this happening. The world is a big population of all kind and variations of people. I can’t imagine the different types of greed are outside the society I know of. World peace is a false hope because of the human race. Katie N

Obstacles for world peace? hmmm...What can I say? Our world needs unity. We need to stick together and help one another. How can we be in peace if we can’t help each other? I really don’t believe in war and violence. I don’t think its right for innocent people to die for something we can’t control. We need to united and agree on most things. If we can’t do that, we won’t have peace. Heather W.

I feel the obstacle to world peace is that no one agrees and believes in the same things. No matter how sound the world seems, there’s always going to be people who disbelieve or disagree on things. For an example, the people in Afghanistan disagree on our system of living, and because of this they killed many innocent people. So to have world peace would mean to change peoples’ beliefs, and that is very difficult to do. Kris W.

There are many obstacles to world peace. If there weren’t so many maybe this goal can be obtainable. I believe a major cause to not having world peace would be the government. The government today causes many differences in opinion. World peace is something almost anyone wants but something we can never agree on. Human kind is very cruel and harsh. It is going to take a lot of work for our world to have peace. Lisa A

World Peace. If you ask someone if they could have three wishes, odds are they’d be: to be rich, famous, and world peace. At beauty pageants, contestants are asked “ If you could do one thing to make the world better,” or “ If there was one thing the world need to make it better,” what would it be? And the answer peace. Everyone’s always talking about it. So where is the world peace?

It doesn’t exist and never will. I don’t want to sound like a pessimist, but it’s the truth. National will always hate nations; people will always hate people. It’s just human nature. Anger is just a normal human emotion that has to be carried out on something or someone. Also, if you’re the person who is to blame for your anger, it’s human nature to point the blame on someone else. Anger can lead to hate, and it also can branch off of envy. So as long as anger is a human emotion, which it is and always will be, there is no possible way there can be world peace. There’s other reasons there can’t be world peace, but it always winds up that someone hates, can’t stands, or is angry at someone for some reason or another. So world peace is a nice fantasy, but it can’t be a reality. Jamie A


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