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By Remy Benoit

Just after I put up A Plea for Forgiveness three pieces of writing came to me from three friends from the States to Australia. They have given me their permission to share them with you. These are words of healing, words of forgiveness, and words of hope.
        ...we are living

in the autumn of our world's pride,

just hang on...

I'll meet you after the fall



but for now

abide with me falls the eventide....

Copyright: Carissima, 2002

more does need to be said
of where ive been
and where i hope to go to
and where im going
and how the going is going
and what i did to deserve this
and what i didnt do to deserve this
and whos coming with me
and whos being left behind
and who im leaving behind
and who did this to me
and who ive done this to
and who ive forgiven
and who ive not
and whos forgiven me
and whos not
and who cant forgive themselves
and why i cant forgive myself
and why i didnt listen
when i was spoken to
and why they wont talk to me
now that im listening
and why there is peace
and why i have some peace

Copyright: az, 2002

I can picture lovers
of miracles, life and souls
working with each other
helping everyone get whole
and I can picture happiness
beyond our wildest dreams
a world that will accept no less
than a scene that’s all serene
but though I see this wondrous vision
it won’t come into fruition
unless we learn to love unconditionally
so reach out to your brothers
your sisters and your lovers
miracles begin when others see
I can see no hunger
no sickness and no strife
no one beaten under
just happy, joy-filled lives
and I can picture unity
across and around this world
ever-growing and evolving beauty
serenity unfurled
share this wondrous vision
help it reach fruition
everybody love unconditionally
reach out to your brothers
your sisters and your lovers
miracles begin when we all see.

Copyright: Johnh94 2002


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