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Sgt.Christopher Gaynor: American Hero Quilts

By Remy Benoit

American Hero Quilts struggles to continue its mission

I am sitting with my cherished friend Sue Nebeker, co-founder of American Hero Quilts, at the breakfast table in her Vashon Island, Washington home (on three levels directly below us are the workshops and storage for American Hero Quilts. See my Album of photos). We are enjoying excellent cups of coffee and looking out over South Puget Sound on this, the first day of spring. The view from our vantage point is spectacular. The clouds have been swept away by the strong winds from the west and the water sparkles. Sue calls my attention to the eagles that have nested at the top of a tree very near her house. An adult eagle soars past us, its huge wings catching the updraft as it expertly touches down on a branch next to the nest. We have been comparing notes on the progress of our respective diseases, as we usually do when we meet, her MS, my Parkinson’s.
But, as enjoyable as it always is to chat with my friend, this is not purely a social call. I have just handed her a check for $500 on behalf of American Legion Post 159 in my capacity as 1st Vice Commander. I ask her, “How is American Hero Quilts doing?” The short answer, “We’re in trouble”. Sadly, this fine organization, which has delivered 12,486 quilts to wounded warriors since its founding in 2004, has run out of funds(each quilt costs about $300 in materials, all labor is donated). One company which has been donating essential materials is no longer able to do so, and donations have fallen off sharply because of the mistaken impression that the war in Afghanistan is winding down.

Please donate to help create these beautiful quilts for our soldiers. American Heroes Quilts.


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