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Jamie Haden: Spirit Seeker

By Remy Benoit

Spirit Seeker is an enchanted, beautiful book.

It has been several weeks since I finished Spirit Seeker and I have been walking around with it in my head, thinking of Talisa and the world she is beginning to walk her path in. It has been half a century since I was Talisa's age, but I do recall searching at sixteen for the place that I fit in, could say it was a place that I belonged. I did find that, but not at sixteen.

Perhaps that is why I have been, well, holding Talisa in my heart because I find that I rejoice in her beginning her journey in finding her roots, in finding her love, at the same time that I react to her as a mother and find myself mentally saying to her: "Tread softly, tread slowly, there is joy to be found; there is experience to be found; there are undreamed of depths to begin to excavate, but, well, I hold a sense of trepidation for you. Again, tread softly, tread slowly. There is light here, but also there is darkness for which you have not yet been prepared."

Talisa is walking on a path, being exposed to a path of the old ways; ways tied to nature, to nature's forces, her secrets, and her mysteries. As the daughter of a daughter of a shaman of the desert, Talisa's path is water. She begins to walk the path of the spirits, one that takes great training which she has not had. She is mesmerized, hypnotized, and yes, in love with Jag who can only partially be there for her; mysteriously not able to, well, be at one with her and he is already at one with others whose fur is coarse, whose jaws possess a seven hundred psi bite.

Yes, Talisa is attracted to Jag, quite literally at blood level, but blood has deserted her before and she holds back trust as do daughters of fathers who walk away and don't look back. But blood attracts, Native American blood with its beautiful ties to ancestors, to the land, to the spirits. Native American ways to which we should be open.

Paranormal, supernatural, or a depth of the world that so sadly most never have any exposure to, any experience with, or any instruction about. Jag plunges her head first into this world before she has had time to learn to swim. And so, because Jamie Haden's words immerse you in such depth, I have walked around as a mother worried for Talisa, wanting her to follow her path, wanting her to, yes, tread softly, tread slowly.

I am ready now to continue this journey with Talisa in Illuminate-Alive, She Cried. Somehow I feel I should be there for her which is a sign of truly wonderful story telling.

Ms. Haden has caught my heart in this truly enchanted tale.

Spirit Seeker.


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