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Review: Charles Sheehan-Miles Insurgent: Book 2 of America's Future

By Remy Benoit

Despite the fact that the question of secession from the Union was settled in rivers of blood well over a hundred years ago now, we hear talk of it here and there.
This group has an issue with this; another with that. Tempers flare, shots can be exchanged, people lose lives as they did in volume one, Republic: A Novel of America's Future, in this tale of a possible future for our country.

In this case it is West Virginia that chooses to secede, and once more it pits countryman against countryman.
There you are in a quiet little town, caught in the middle of the cross-fire between insurgents and the Regular Army; there you are insurgent versus insurgent, each with a banner to raise; each with a particular issue that is of utmost importance to him; some insurgents even interpreting for themselves the will of God, ready to go to any extreme, any bullet to them well placed, in the service of the voice only they seem to hear.

A soldier, young, not gung-ho, but wanting to be a hero like his dad; wanting to do his soldier job; trying to determine a path for his life.

A young woman, a ballerina, to whom the pirouettes of the ballerina's walk have so far been her path,
her dream, her passion.

The soldier saves the young woman caught in a cross-fire; a young woman just old enough to have come of age, to make her own decisions, and the world turns upside down for both of them.
Her Daddy is the mayor of the sleepy little town with its old closed mines; with its insurgents, with its troops stationed there too.

How far will the insurgents go? How strong a stand will the mayor take with his daughter; with a young soldier; with a brother-in-law with his own ax to grind, with weapons of potentially great impact in his hands?

This is the tale Charles Sheehan-Miles weaves; a terrifying tale, a fable if you will, if we choose to follow the path of derision, division, deception, and disillusion.
The Republic, will it stand? Can it stand with power run amuck, with power too freely, ah, seceded to a government in the name of security?

The author will chill your spine; make you lose some nights sleep; open your eyes a bit as he did in Republic. Will love of country prevail; will love of insurgence at any price prevail; indeed, will love prevail?

You don't need a Humvee to take this path, you just need to read this must read book. Beware, his words will make you think, perhaps of your obligations as a citizen, before you lose the right to fulfill them.
Insurgent: Book 2 of America's Future.


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