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Berkley Bedell Revenue Matters: Tax the rich and restore Democracy to save the nation

By Remy Benoit

Revenue Matters:Tax the rich and restore Democracy to save the nation.

"Revenue Matters." Such an obvious statement that somehow the government does not seem to understand. No where in our so precious Constitution does it spell out that we should be a plutocracy. No where does it say that the greatest proportion of wealth should be in the hands of a few. What it does say is: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Note... "promote the general welfare."

Former Congressman Berkley Bedell spells it out quite clearly that the way to make the nation prosperous is to go back to taxing the rich and having them pay their fair share, a more realistic form of "trickle down" that would work.

We are a nation that has thrived, won world wars, when we functioned at the level of "Together we can" as noted by Warren Buffett and other millionaires who, unlike so many others, are GRATEFUL for the opportunity this country has afforded them and not beating their chests in horror that there are others not so fortunate who might need help finding a bed, or a meal, civilian or those 62,619 veterans who were homeless on a single night in 2012 according to a HUD report, the number of women vets among them increasing. Dare I mention how many veterans are waiting months for IMMEDIATELY needed treatments for things like cancer? Same veterans who were sent off to war, to multiple tours, to untreated post-traumatic stress, to disabilities for the rest of their lives. Bedell addresses endless war and asks how much safer are we for them?

Former Congressman Berkley Bedell spells it out quite clearly that the way to make the nation prosperous is for corporations to be concerned with the welfare of their employees, of all citizens, not only with the extent of the golden parachutes of the CEO's.

Former Congressman Berkley Bedell spells it out quite clearly that only when we take the Influence of Money out of our elections, overturn things like the Citizens United decision; clear out the lobbyists; make elections publicly funded can we expand democracy, ditch the rapacious grab for plutocracy.

I could go on and on with what the former Congressman spells out clearly enough for a fifth grader; how he spells it out clearly enough for all incumbents to understand that TOGETHER WE CAN.

Workers need jobs; the infra-structure needs revamping; union busting is antithetical to good business; national health care, regulation of pharmacological costs needs to be in place.

Former Congressman Berkley Bedell calls for an end to Wall Street and the Markets being "giant gambling casinos"; clarifies how we need to treat the planet; quotes the entire letter from Patriotic Millionaires who WANT TO PAY MORE TAXES; addresses the Tea Party, education, terrorism, Afghanistan whose weight is carried by the young, whose price tag they will still be paying for when they are old.

Former Congressman Berkley Bedell touches on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, war, financial inequality, the nuclear threat, the military, and even Teddy Roosevelt. Bedell is not only a former Congressman, he is also a very successful businessman.

Whether or not you slept through Civics, this is a MUST READ BOOK IF YOU HOLD ON TO ANY, ANY, ANY HOPE OF ACTUALLY LIVING, AND GIVING YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN AND THEIRS, THE AMERICAN DREAM in the richest nation of earth, despite what the main stream media spews out in its infotainment instead of real investigative journalism. They too need to be able to do their jobs free of corporate string pulling.

This is a book of common sense. Read it; buy copies for your Senators and Representatives and send them a Valentine; a book filled with love of country and the greatest experiment in history that has to be protected: democracy and her Constitution.


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