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Remy Benoit: Pastiche; John Cory: An IED on the Yellow Brick Road

By Remy Benoit


All of us have memories stored in our bodies, in all our senses. It is my hope that my small offering in Pastiche will inspire you to stand in front of a mirror, or at the top of a hill, by the water looking for all your connections to the past, the present, the future, the entirety of the life of universe.

When we examine who we were, who we have become, who we wish to become, we have set paving stones on the way to our truest self.

The most wretched “might have been” in life is the dream that we could have fulfilled, our most important dream, if we had but followed its call.

Do please, take your first step to that dream, and then the second, and then the third...enjoy the journey, accept your mistakes...and then take the fourth step...and the....

John Cory An IED on the Yellow Brick Road.

What if the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion were veterans lost on the Yellow Brick Road home from war? Meet Didj, James, and Coop as they travel that rocky road in a night of humor, anger, and confrontation between the generations of war.

On a night to remember, an Iraq Vet, an Afghanistan Vet, and a Vietnam Vet come together in an often funny and angry confrontation of what it means to be a veteran and asks the question of whether we ever really come home from war.

Didj is female veteran who suffers from TBI and darker wounds from her tour of duty.

James is an Afghanistan three tour veteran afraid of being a veteran and all that goes with that image.

Coop is a Vietnam veteran who has hidden from his past and screams to be recognized before he takes his final breath.


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