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Money changers in the temple

By Remy Benoit

From Bill Moyers Ralph Reed From Purgatory to Power.

Faith is not a political tool; it is a personal belief, a lifestyle, a guide to decent, righteous, sharing, caring, and compassionate behavior. It is not about corporate power; or political power; or lies; or, indeed, any other kind of power which in faith is left in the hands of the Creator. We each have our path to serve in that Creation, not to use it in political hyperbole, angst, racism, or just plain cussedness to further our own bank accounts. All faiths include the old adage: what goes around comes around.
The question to ask is, "How may I serve?" not how can I use religion to serve me? False gods include those money and power. Life here on earth is temporary; the hereafter, whatever you believe it is still may have that feather weighing against the weight of your heart. Call someone sister or brother today, make a new friend, help someone in need. That is serving Creation, not asking Creation to serve you. You have a responsibility to seven generations, not just your own personal dance card. If someone is preaching discord, preaching bitterness, preaching racism, preaching hatred and separation, that are not preaching truly about the infinite variety of life that the Creator gave us to enjoy. If words knot your stomach, if they make you forget the ways of the Samaritan, they are false words. Faith does not need courts, or politicians, or dollars to bolster or support it. It is faith, plain and simple and stands on its own.
Miz' Remy


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