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Amanda Sorell: Understanding the Math Behind Global Warming

By Remy Benoit

At Mother Earth News Understanding the Math Behind Global Warming.

Hot outside, drought in your area? Severe storms to which you are not accustomed? Read this piece and understand what we are confronted with; what we must act upon. From NASA Climate:NASA.

Have you considered what changes might do to insect life and how that can impact upon you?

And why are we not hearing about climate change and war from the candidates? Are they not vital topics? If you have someone serving in combat, if you are suffering from drought, storms, etc., ask the questions that need to be asked! Name calling, mud-slinging, vacuous generalities do not solve problems, they just cause division, not solutions. This is a job for all of us, not just those with PAC's to bury under vapid verbiage.
Patriots are there, up front and center, spelling out problems, demanding solutions that will work for seven generations, not just for immediate gold faucets. What good are faucets if there is no water? From the EPA Water Supply in the US. The idea of water wars is not acceptable. Potential Impacts of Sea Water Desalinization. World Water. learn some history! Try a day without water, and then decided what you can do to help.


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