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A Time for Thought

By Remy Benoit

How long do we go on as we are with poverty, with war, with veterans and civilians not getting proper medical care, or job opportunities?

How long do we go on with a handful living the American Dream and the rest the Nightmare?

How much do you have in off shore accounts?
How many millions are you giving your favorite PACs?

How many of you have lost your homes, your jobs, your and your children's futures?

How worried about any of that are the corporations, the bankers, or Wall Street?

Time to take back the American Dream. Time to tell Congress you want their pensions, their health plan. Time to tell them endless war is not acceptable, no cuts in veteran care, no change in Medicare, or Social Security. When they make covenants with the American People we expect them to be kept. What is so hard to understand about that?

Ask them when it would be convenient for them to recognize climate change; to recognize our infra-structure needs much work; to recognize we need jobs at home.

If you have a story to tell, I can help you. Your Words, Your Way.

Your donations help me continue my work with our veterans. Thank you so much.


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