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Choose well

By Remy Benoit

We are at a turning point in the history of our planet. We can choose to continue on the destructive path of war we have chosen since the War to End All Wars, or we can come to a place where we recognize that we are one planet with enough resources to care for us all.

We can choose, every parent in every country, if we wish to keep sacrificing our young to war.

We can choose to continue to pollute the planet with our careless ways, or we can care for the planet, and thereby, also care for ourselves for now and the next seven generations. NOAA July 2012 The Hottest Month on Record.

We can choose to continue to allow corporations to garner profits at any cost to people and to the planet.

We can choose to care for our veterans; we can choose to work as hard for peace as we do for war; we can choose to end war and stop making more veterans who come home to have to find their way alone.

We can choose to eat genetically modified food without our permission or knowledge, or we can just say no and boycott it From the Sustainable Business Staff at RSN GMO Food Headed for US Shelves. Just who was Congress watching over to allow this?

Are you looking for a way home?

In the midst of the financial, climate, 1% v 99% are you looking for answers?

Are you looking for the love of your life?

Then these two books hold the answers to your problems!

John Cory's Yesterday's Kiss.

And my Loving, autographed for you and available right here at Welcome Home Soldier. Just click on the link.

Whatever the problem, love is the answer. No matter where you have been; what troubles you have known, love is the answer. Unconditional and healing.

John and I can help bring you home.

And, if you are a soldier, a veteran, filled with pain at neglect from civilians or the military,
please don't miss John's An IED on the Yellow Brick Road.

Trust me, John knows. He has been there, over and over and over again.

If you need help writing your own book, I am here to help you. Your Words, Your Way.

Your donations help me continue my work with our veterans who so need all of us. Thank you so much..

Andy Andrews The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters.


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