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Down History Lane with how bankers who went too far were treated

By Remy Benoit

I hope we have more civilized means than these to bring to justice those who have, and are, taking advantage of all of us. But walking down history lane gives us insight into how usury was treated throughout history...right back to Hammurabi's Code.

Will the Peasants Go Medieval on Bankers?by Washington Blog at RSN.

We should all be so happy:
"I'm having an enormous amount of fun." – Karl Rove, describing his undisclosed campaign spending in this week's TIME Magazine Michael Crowley The Return of Karl Rove.

At MoveOn Senator Bernie Sanders on How the Supreme Court Sold American Democracy to the Highest Bidder.

Super-Rich Holding 21 Trillion Overseas to Avoid Taxation. Alex Oberley PR Watch at Truthout.

What is wrong with this picture? Where do you keep your millions, billions, trillions? How much tax do you pay, do they pay?


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