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Aren't nuns people too?

By Remy Benoit

Haven't nuns served enough centuries in subservient positions to men? There is no reason a nun should not be a priest, or dare I use the word priestess? Again, a position where men so seem to fear the power of women. And why not married priests? The times and reasons for them not marrying are well behind us, and allowing marriage might just solve another chronic problem within the priesthood that keeps being swept under the rugs.
Interestingly, we seem to feel that the clothes and headwear that Moslem women wear restricts them; what about habits?
Jesus respected women. It is a shame that the Church has separated them into women's auxiliaries at every level. Perhaps they just want to make sure someone is in the kitchen to cook for the menfolk, or dust, or care for the sick while they argue important things about how families should live their lives. Sex is a part of our nature, our basic biology. Teaching sex with soul might be a better path that defaming the bodies the Creator gave us.

Stand strong, Sisters, you are not standing just for yourself, but for all women, regardless of creed, location, or belief. Do it with pride, with dignity, with determination. We need the voice of the feminine to be heard to save the very life of the planet. AT RSN Nuns weight response to scathing Vatican rebuke. by Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times.

Grandmothers Counself the World:Women Elders Offer Their Vision for Our Planet. My review is on their second page.

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