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How much to buy out democracy?

By Remy Benoit

Those who go to West Point take a pledge to "Duty, Honor, Country" and knowing so many from there, it is a pledge they base their lives on.

However, there are others here whose pledge seems to be Avarice Oligarchy Power and the rest of us to serve them. That is not democracy. That is not patriotism. That is greed and insatiable appetite for power. Among them is Karl Rove and his organization who constantly seek funds from the have a lots to consolidate power. The system is supposed to be one person, one vote. Not one person garnering dollars to sway votes. Our election system, our campaign financing have run amok and the Citizens United decision has only consolidated the hidden financing of campaigns.

Paul M. Barrett, Business Week at RSN Karl Rove: He's Back Big Time.

Elizabeth Flock, US NEWS 196 People Control 80 Percent of Super PAC Money: Who Are They?.

David Eggert Michigan Live ns Super PAC co-founded by Karl Rove spending $860K on ad to defend Mitt Romney in Michigan.

Andrew Kirell, Media, Karl Rove’s Super PAC Makes $25 Million Ad Buy In Eight Swing States.

NY Times Campaign Finance. Do read the small print.;

With these kinds of numbers, none of The Regular People could ever think of running for the top office in the land. How many are out there who are qualified, who would do a great job; who might even think "outside of the box"? I am so tired, so very tired of hearing that this is the way it is done, because it has always been done this way. Well, the Founding Fathers feared political parties for these very reasons: entrenchment, spending, pork barrels, good old boys, international ties, etc. Who is pulling the strings: our strings and how long do we wait until we say enough? What is meant by "New World Order"? Bush Sr. George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991.

What about order in our democracy, in our Constitution? How much power in how few hands? Vote with your head, don't fall prey to glittering generalities, bandwagoning, etc. Think for yourself. Ask your friends how they are making it financially? Depression, frustration? American Dream? Drought? Climate Change? Gar Alperovitz It's Time to Lay the Groundwork for Radical Systemic Change. at Truthout. How about local food coops? Trading services? Locals teaching locals marketing skills. Seniors teaching the young. An American community joined together, "us" not them who have so much and the rest of us trying to keep the electric on, the food on the table, health care for ourselves and our children. President Obama, you said YES WE CAN. Now is the time to prove that you can: CCC, new WPA, jobs at home; tax the rich; national health care; 100% care for our veterans; respect for women. ALL OF IT IS A YES WE CAN IF WE CALL THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE AND FIX WHAT IS BROKEN, AND SO MUCH, SO VERY MUCH, HAS BEEN BROKEN BY THOSE WHO DO NOT CARE FOR US, FOR COUNTRY, INDEED, FOR PEACE.


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