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Paul Krugman: A Country is Not a Business.

By Remy Benoit

At Truthout Paul Krugman A Nation is Not a Business.

The primary concern of government should be the welfare of the people, not golden parachutes, huge pensions, outsourcing of money to avoid taxes; outsourcing of jobs to leave countrymen without work; not XL pipelines, etc.

The representatives of the people should have the same health care as the people; their pensions should be based on time served, not one term, life pension.

Election costs should allow anyone to run, not only the wealthy and the time for electioneering should be severely restricted.

We need to get it right; we need to "get it" that we and our planet are being very abused by the greed on the 1%. How much more blatant could the evidence be? Why should men who were not elected to anything have so much power over us?

And please, please don't tell me 'that is the way it has always been.' If that was so we would officially all still be slaves, serfs, etc. People change things that are not right. We are The People. It is our votes and our voices that are needed to help us walk a path to abundance for all.


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