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How are you protecting your freedom?

By Remy Benoit

Freedom is another word for everything to lose
unless you protect it.

Freedom gives you a real choice in what is being done in your name.

Freedom calls for all in the country to help keep her strong, not to bankroll themselves at the cost of you, of freedom.

Freedom calls for funding, demand corporations pay their fair share.

Freedom calls for righteous wars only, not those waged on lies.

Freedom calls for justice to be brought to those who would threaten her for their own purposes.

Freedom calls for industry at home; for decent wages; for housing, health care, clean, nutritional food, not genetically enhanced and filled with pesticides and infections.

Freedom calls for care for those who stand to protect her.

From Truthout and William Rivers Pitt The Dawn's Early Light.

How long will the Stars and Stripes wave over free people? That is up to is up to you.

Campaigns are filled with hot air, euphemisms, out and out baloney. Look at voting records; look at actions. Look at what corporations is out there buying votes around you and ask why? Look at where the money of lobbyists is going and find out what those billions are buying-your freedom?

Do you want drones dropping by and destroying homes and civilians in your name; do you want hit lists in your name? Democracy and freedom are in your name; what is done in your name is what you allow.

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