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"They were the cries of youth's agony in war."

By Remy Benoit

WAR, a simple, three letter word. It doesn't look vicious, or destructive, but it is. It eats villages, towns, cities, and most importantly lives and the earth itself. It displaces people, puts them on the road to nowhere, with no food, no housing; it puts them on the road with terror, with cries of horror, with filth. It stacks bodies oozing out their life force.

We have a short time, each of us, on this beautiful planet and look what we do to it. Some think there is not enough for all, and try to gather it all to themselves at the cost of not only others wealth, but their hopes, their dreams, their creativity, their dignity.

We are told so and so is the enemy, and without thinking we accept that and send our children off to the hell of war, telling them when they come home, "You are not my son, not my daughter, not the one who left here. I do not know you."

There are those who try to tell us, clearly and concisely, what war really is; but in war time, muzzles are put on them. Would we send our young if we understood? And those who understand because they have been there, they too send their young for a plethora of reasons.

Perhaps it is time to face the truth of war. It won't cost you even a penny. Phillip Gibbs told the truth of WWI, the War to End All Wars. Can you stand to face the truth of what they knew; of what generations since have known on any ever growing scale? Now It Can Be Told and The Soul of War. "Enlist" yourself in this effort to face the truth and then decide do you want to work harder for peace than you do for war. "If not now, when? If not by me, by whom."
You owe it to your children.


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