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John Cory: Yesterday's Kiss

By Remy Benoit

John Cory is to words what Claude Monet was to an emerging art form. Both capture moments, perfect moments that flow with the intensity of life in all its astonishing hues. Both capture us with an impression of a moment that pours into the heart and soul with its wonder. True to his gift with words, John Cory's Yesterday's Kiss takes us to those rare and precious moments when the universe spirals and we hang on with all we are, and perhaps can be, in the grasp of love.

There it was, that perfect moment when through a kiss, an embrace, a oneness of two beings blossomed. Those who have loved will always remember their own one perfect moment in Yesterday's Kiss.

A touch of a hand, the capture of a look, and the aloneness, that terrible aloneness that humans can feel melts way in the heat of contact.

Yesterday's Kiss is burned into us. Sometimes, sometimes we are blessed in that yesterday's kiss is still today's life. The love, the blending remains through mortgages, children, deaths of loved ones, differences of opinion, jobs held, lost, found.

Sometimes we sit down to the table expecting joy, joining, journeying on with the one who we feel is the right one, only, only to hear the words: It is me, not you, and the very tectonic plates that hold the earth together shift under the recipient of those words, darkness falls, and hopes turn to choking dust in the mouth.

Yesterday's Kiss, bittersweet with the memory of the love of a lifetime we let get away. Do we dare, can we dare, hop a train, board a plane not to go back, but maybe, just maybe go forward?

Yesterday's Kiss, soft, warm, still lingering on from the one we had to let go; the one who had to go because he or she had to know so many other things.

Yesterday's Kiss, still glowing in memory from the lips of one gone cold with the grave, never to be kissed again.

Whispers traveling over the threads of cotton pillows; shallow breathing while rain falls outside and you are warm, spooning under luxurious quilts...after.

Love or loneliness...taking a chance, again; drinking all night in a tavern where almost, but not quite, everyone has given up. Love or loneliness; noise or reaching out, again? Which one have you chosen?

From Thai legends, to moonlit waters that reflect memories; from middle America, to soldiers coming home, love is in the air, in our
blood, and in John's Cory's prose and poetry enchanting you, recapturing for you that sweet impression etched in your soul in Yesterday's Kiss..


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