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87 Year Old Veteran Feels Forsaken

By Remy Benoit

The Times-Picayune of New Orleans ran a Letter to the Editor today, Sunday, April 28 2002 entitled “Sick veteran feels forgotten”on page B6.
How many of you out there answered the call after Pearl Harbor; how many answered the call in Korea, in Vietnam, in Desert Storm, and now?

It is right and just that you should expect to have your call for help, help that you are so terribly earned, answered.

And yet, and yet it is his claim that the VA hospital tells him that there are not enough doctors to see him and he has been waiting months for help after a triple by-pass operation.

Problems with the VA are nothing new; I am sure many of you have many stories that you could share. But this time, can we
bridge the division between Veterans; can we bridge the division between civilians and Veterans and let the VA know that that this 87 year old, decorated Veteran deserves immediate attention to his problems? Can you take the time to call the Veterans Administration wherever you are and say, There is an 87 year old Veteran in Slidell, Louisiana who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to be waiting for his number to come up on your schedule?

There are a lot of doctors and hospitals in New Orleans. Mabe some one could make the time to spend it at the VA hospital
and see to this man’s needs. Maybe there is a pharmaceutical company out there that could afford to see that he has the medications he needs and get them to him with the gratitude of his country for his service?

No, I do not know this man; nor do I know whether he served on the beaches of Normandy or Anzio, or at the Bulge. I all know is what I have read in this letter to the editor. He is one of ours, and he needs us. So please, call, write, spread the word. HE NEEDS YOU!

You may find the Times-Picayune on line at

Thanks, Remy


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