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So, exactly why does college cost so much?

By Remy Benoit

By Charles M Smith and Dina Rasor at Truthout For-Profit Colleges Are Bankrolling Romney to Keep Student Loan Money Flowing.

No one should leave college owing so much money. $100,000 may be pocket change to some people, but to most of us it would make our lives livable in this generated economic nightmare. An educated citizenry is necessary to a democracy. Our entire education system needs overhauling, updating to this century and its needs. Exactly what kind of person wants to pile debt on the young to make profits? If we have that kind of thinking, then we definitely need to look at how we educate our children that they would grow up with such a lack of, of...decency? And we have to ask, how is GI BIll money being used for profits too?

Something has gone seriously wrong; something basic and decent and we have to ask who is perpetrating this kind of abuse and why? And are we voting for those people? If so, why?

At Common Dreams, Robert Reich Why The Economy Can’t Get Out of First Gear: The Rich Have Sucked It Dry.


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