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The Critical Moments in Our Lives

By Remy Benoit

Michael Moore's name is known widely. This particular piece of his speaks to anyone who has ever gone to school. A young man, a dear friend, asked me when he had been graduated from high school, "Why do teachers expect respect from us when they do not give it to us?" A reasonable question, and one surely that does not apply to all teachers.
Michael found a pivotal moment and acted on it with great results. He also missed a critical moment when he could have made a very necessary statement about compassion and justice. Just like the rest of us, sometimes we do what needs doing immediately; sometimes we miss the critical moment when we could have helped someone overcome what can only be called abusive behavior.
Our country is ripe with abusive behavior from the adulteration of our food, the pillaging of our planet, the pillaging of our economic system, hopes, dreams, and endless hours of work.
There are those who would generate any kind of negative propaganda against the President simply because of the color of his skin. There are those who would generate any kind of negative propaganda to continue to have corporations not pay their fair share in taxes; to have them continue getting immense sums of profits, golden parachutes, bonuses, while millions lose homes, search endlessly for employment. There are those who just don't get it that We The People means all of us building a country and a future for seven generations. There are those of us who do not get that "collateral damage" is a euphemism for dead people, destroyed homes.
There are those of us who do not get it that if we send soldiers to war, we owe them care.
There are those of us who do not get it that this is the time to stand up for what is right, what is truly democracy, what, indeed, is just plain decent.
Read what Michael wrote. Think about when you did what was called for; think about when you missed a major opportunity to facilitate justice; think about what you are doing, or not doing, right now.
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