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Did the GOP trash the economy to defeat Obama?

By Remy Benoit

Would any party go that far to get power; throw people out of jobs, homes, insurance, food, health care, etc.? Is it possible that any group of people should so be stepped in desire for power?

From the UK at RSN Michael Cohen, Guardian. Did Republicans Deliberately Crash the U.S. Economy?

Okay, so that is a where were the Democrats, and more importantly where were you in not demanding investigations, no bail outs, criminal procedures? Where were you when you were voting for people who have their interests, their money in mind, not yours? Where were you went they took us into war based on non-existent WMD's? Where are you when are vets are not being cared for sufficiently? Where are you when voting records are there for you to see?
Where are you if you are still steeped in racial bigotry?
Where are you if the truth is not "out there" but right in front of you and you refuse to see it?
Repubs, Dems? You vote, you allow, you persist in allowing them to NOT represent you, but to represent themselves? So who is to blame? The buck stops at the polling both, where truth rather than big bucks should win out. Just that simple.


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