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Paul Buchheit: Five Facts That Put America to Shame.

By Remy Benoit

At RSN Five Facts That Put America to Shame.

Yet these are only five.

There is the fact that our veterans do not get the care that they deserve.
There is the fact that our soldiers are called back for additional tours without concern for their combat or family problem stress levels.
There is the fact that many of those who run huge corporations do not care for Mother Nature, nor the next seven generations, nor do many of them pay any taxes. David Sassoon, Inside Climate News Koch Brothers' Industries Protects Their Fifty Year Stake in Canadian Heavy Oils.
We are faced with being sold genetically altered food without its being labeled, so go to Just Label It. and sign on.
There is the fact that the news is entertainment, biased at that, and not doing in depth reporting.
There is the fact that lobbyists should not be allowed in D.C. to influence Congress which is supposed to represent The PEOPLE not the corporations.
There is the fact that our infrastructure needs serious work.
There is the fact that those with vested interests work much harder for war than they do for peace.
There is the fact that big banks are out of control and seek only high profits, wanting to give nothing back for all the bailouts handed to them but miniscule interest rates, high fees, and high credit card rates.
There is the fact that each and every soldier we send to war is an individual person, not a number, not collateral damage, not just an expendable piece of munition.
There is the fact that we go to war without viable exit plans in place, or clearly stated objectives. Costs of War.
There is hunger in the world, there is hunger in America for one in every six people, one in every five children. Feeding America.
There is the fact that we allow all of this and so, so much more.
Feel free to comment and add to this list.


There is the fact that some claiming to be "Spiritual" judge others as heathen and less than because we pray differently though we pray to the same God. Is it any wonder more and more seek teachings in Native American Spiritual ways? There is the fact that we teach our children not to respect others by allowing certain TV programming There is the fact that we use TV and games as a babysitter There is the fact that it's EASIER to drug a high energy child rather than getting them outside to burn it off in a productive way. Is the old teaching of "Pay my own way" really gone? Is that respect of others and self respect really dead?

Posted by: Dan, at 2012-05-15 02:09:54

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