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What are we eating, breathing, and why?

By Remy Benoit

There is light rain here today; the vegetable garden is enjoying it. Most of the seeds are heritage seeds, each with their own history, their own fascinating stories. The corn is not yet 'high as an elephant's eye' but it is growing...without pesticides, without genetic modified seeds.

Once upon a time, most of the people here grew their own food. That is no longer true. Now we have agro-business and have lost any control, except for not buying it, of what goes into what we eat. Yet if you have a 4x6 piece of grass, a window box, a pation you can do your own victory garden over chemical foods and outrageous produce

At RSN Russ Choma: Monsanto's Deep Roots in Washington.

At Common Dreams Monsanto, Agent Orange Creator, Returns To Vietnam
Monsanto ready to sell GM crops and weed-killing chemicals in Vietnam; Many outraged.

From the Aspen Institute Agent Orange and U.S. Veterans.

From Birth Defects for Children, Inc.Veterans.

The sky is falling and it and the ground are filled with things that are not life friendly. Yet another reason to demand an end to lobbying in D.C. Just how much more power a unified The People would have if we worked together for health; for peace; for prosperity for all, not the 1%. When you think about it, Viet Nam, like Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan, SE Asia, Korea, Europe, etc. have forever changed as their earth is filled with American blood. How do we honor that which connects us, which tears our hearts, minds, and souls and those of so many others? If we cared for the planet, we would be caring for each other and ending endless war and pollution of our earth and ourselves. If one million signature won't get their attention, perhaps we need ten million? Get to it.

Or we can do nothing and allow the chemicals to win. At RSN Alexander Cockburn: When Half a Million Americans Died and Nobody Noticed. BTW while I was taking Crestor I developed horrid pain in my hands, which disappeared when I stopped. If you are suffering, look to your medications. As they say, read the manual for side effects.


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