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12 Simple Steps for Gong Green in 2012

By Remy Benoit

From World Watch Institute at Mother Earth News 12 Simple Steps for Going Green.

We are being buried in empty campaign rhetoric, divisive, delusional, and destructive. The simple fact is 1% has too much, wants more, and wants you to believe by letting them not pay their fair share they are helping you. Well, here there are buds on the rose bushes, on the Dawn Redwoods; the robins are back and we can take all the campaign rhetoric and throw it on the compost to enrich it with its dirge of "me first, you be quiet."

I am just out of the ICU and hospital. If I wasn't paying outrageous sumss for insurance, I would be dead. Just that simple. NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT MEDICAL CARE. NO ONE SHOULD BE HUNGRY. NO ONE SHOULD BE HOMELESS WHILE OTHERS HAVE NUMBEROUS HOMES. That is not the American dream; living on the street, going hungry, not having medical care, being unable to find a job, NOT BEING ABLE TO CARE FOR YOUR CHILDREN: THOSE THINGS ARE NOT THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Platitudes, double speak, empty promises, are not helpful. The suits the prospective candidates are wearing could feed a family for a month in comparable cost.

We do not need a man older than me whose record is already unacceptable. We need new paradigms; we need to grow food in our fields, in our kitchens, on our patios and share it. We need to stand up and help each other with car repairs, health care, whatever it takes for us to make it.

We have to look around and ask what we have that we don't use that someone else can and give it to them.

We need to make these prospective candidates know that empty words, empty promises equal empty stomachs. Just that simple.


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