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Wayne Drash: Poor, but feeding the rich

By Remy Benoit

From Wayne Drash, CNN, at RSN Poor, but feeding the rich.

Each time I go to the market the prices have gone up. We don't buy any prepared foods, make our own bread, and I just picked 5 oranges from my greenhouse where I am growing food. There is something so sadly and dangerously missing in our country and that is soul and heart and compassion on the part of the 1%. Can they not see that there is only so much that one needs, that others must eat, have a roof over their heads?

What are our soldiers coming home to? No jobs, foreclosed homes, post-traumatic stress to make re-adjustment just so much more difficult. Where are those who sent these men and women to war when it comes to them coming home and needing help?

Where are those who own these mega corporations to which they have managed to apply personhood when they fail to recognize that there are real hurting, breathing people around them that their greed has destroyed the lives of?

I am already tired of the campaigning, the outpour of platitudes, double speak, and endless requests for donations when the rest of us struggle to pay medical bills, the electric, the mortgage, the food. They want us to donate to the wealth they already have; to work they are not doing for us; to compassion that they don't have.
What is spent by Citizens United to buy elections would be better spent to create jobs and feed people.

These people are not giants, not heroes, they are insatiable power and wealth addicts.

Sonewhere we must in this coming year show the 1% that power with is life; power over is destruction, and destroyers do come to the day when the price for the destruction must be paid.
Call it 'what goes around, comes around'; call it karma; call it weighing the heart against a feather as the old Egyptian way, the bill must be paid. The bill will be oh so high. We are all one; we are responsible for each other as part of the whole; we can no longer permit rampant cells in the One to devour us. We don't need politicos, tried and true only to their own power and wealth, not ours, proven to be so many, many times over. To rid the One of these rampant cells we must set the example, live the compassionate life, help one another with love, with peace, with communication-real communication, not election blather that goes nowhere, says nothing, accomplishs nothing but division and pain.

We don't need or want that pipeline; we do need our Gulf, our levees, our roads, our dams, our bridges rebuilt.

We don't need endless war. We need real statesmen who don't us the "fists" of guns and drones and bombs, but responsible, construction action. We need them to understand that war is a failure of diplomacy, a horrid, insane thing that eats lives, eats dreams, eats hopes, eats possible accomplishments that will never be, and eats the earth herself.

We need to grow beyond where we are quagmired in endless words that say and do nothing from our leaders.

And one other thing. Why ask people what $40 today means to them; what food it puts on the table, what shoes it buys, what tiny bit of a medical bill it pays, and then send out a mailing asking for donations STARTING at $50? The gap there in reality, in compassion, is so blatant.


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