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Monte L. Witcher: Cleared Hot: A Story of the Battle of Observation Post 4

By Remy Benoit

Dear Ms. Benoit,
It is with great pleasure and honor, that I present to you the book " Cleared Hot" a story of the battle of Observation Post 4. This epic story of the brave Marines of Delta Co. 3rd. light armored infantry is a story about a true incident that occurred during the first gulf war. On January 29, 1991, Delta Company was surprise attacked by an over whelming superior in numbers force of Iraqi main battle tanks, reinforced with infantry. Twenty one LAV 25's supported by 8 LAV tow variants engaged this tank force, head on outnumbered Delta Co. went toe to toe at point blank range to repulse the attack into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At stake as well was a trapped platoon of reconnaissance Marines which had been over run at the "Berm entry Gates" of Observation Post 4.

Heroic action by Marines and the commanders on the ground at OP-4 won the day, after an all night fire fight, and air attack, Delta Company was eventually able to save all the trapped platoon of Marines on the berm, but not without the loss of 11 US Marines from Delta Company. The morning of January 30, 1991, reveled the intensity of the most incredible exchange of fire between the 2 forces. I was a driver on one of the LAV 25's that night, my vehicle gunner expired all rounds but save 10 from the gun magazine from our 25 mm chain gun. It was an unbelievable battle, of which I was able to record on tape while fighting this battle. Readers will be privy to this tape through my web site Cleared Hot.. They will receive login and passwords to the battle audio in their book.

I wrote this book as to let this story be told, and not to simply slip away in time. The events,and the Marines, as well as the huge loss of men on the Iraqi's side, should be remembered in the annals of history. I have been moved by the memory of this day, and following morning to find the discipline to write about it. Now it is here for all to study and reflect.

On February 24, 1991, 1 month later the ground invasion would take place. My company, drew the nickname "Tip of the Spear" I was there in the lead element of the 100 hour blitz into downtown Kuwait. I am writing my second book entitled "WolfPack, Invaders of Kuwait" about this invasion. I also made a descriptive tape of the entire invasion, this to will be included with my next book.

This is real history Ms. Benoit, at a bulls eye level. I'm proud to share my story with you. I am grateful for your help more than words can express. This is a tale of remembrance of the brave US Marines that were my brothers, we lost.

Thank you,
Monte L. Witcher


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