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What can you do for peace?

By Remy Benoit

Peace is a way of life; it is following the true dictates of each religion-love thy neighbor. Forgive; feed the hungry; help thy neighbor

Would you rather plant a seed to feed the hungry or pay taxes to build bombs to tear the planet and all the life forms on it?

Kindness is so much easier than hate. It is also much, much healthier for you and for others.

When we use weapons of war we not only kill the enemy, we tear the earth, kill multitudes of other life forms and suffer the butterfly effect of all of it.

When we mistreat the earth, we kill ourselves, our planet.

Kindness is easier. Watching fruit and vegetables grow is so good for us; watching homes blow up, children starve is not good for anyone.

What can you do for peace this holiday season?
Be peace, spread it, grow it, nourish it, and learn compassion. Compassion breeds more peace.
Peace with each other, with the planet should be the basis of every political platform; not greed, not hate, not nature destructive, people destructive negativity. Demand truth, not political double speak. Seek out war profiteers for expsoure and responsibility. Demand lobbyists leave D.C. Demand no insider trading for Congress.
Demand health care for all. Thy neighbor as thyself love.

We simply don't have the time to not learn at this point. Just that simple.

Peace is not an answer, it is the answer, at home, abroad, and even into space.

Share your milk and cookies, share your love.
Demand that those who sap your energy, profit from your work, leave you without homes, without jobs pay for their avarice.

Grow life rather than spreading planetary death.



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