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Chris Hedges: A Movement Too Big To Fail

By Remy Benoit

Truthdig at RSN A Movement Too Big To Fail.


Warrior to Spiritual Warrior: The Soldier’s Journey by Jess E. Weiss Jess E. Weiss lived through the most famous battles of World War II. But he didn't know until he got home, the true price of war. Warrior to Spiritual Warrior is the autobiography of Jess E. Weiss, one of the few living combat soldiers who survived the D-day landing on Omaha Beach. But his experiences in Europe's most famous battles were only the beginning of Weiss' amazing story. He returned home from war to find himself facing a new battle, with the trauma that is known today as PTSD. A debilitating condition unrecognized in WW II, that led him to the most profound and transcendent spiritual journey imaginable. Warrior to Spiritual Warrior is the post war memoir story of the journey Weiss took as he rebuilt and reshaped his life. From the battlefields of WW II to his attempts to build a new spiritual foundation, Jess Weiss' story is an unvarnished and stark portrait that will horrify, shock, illuminate, and untimely liberate your faith in the strength of the human heart to heal and transcend the past. Website:

Posted by: JessWeiss, at 2011-11-05 18:23:06

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