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Robert Reich: The Moral Question

By Remy Benoit

At RSN The Moral Question.

Is it so hard to understand that everyone has the right to be able to find a job, to work, to put food on the table, go to the doctor, keep a roof over the heads of their family?

Are we so accustomed to famine abroad that we can't see it here?

Are we so accepting of war that we cannot even dream that peace is possible?

Are we so busy watching rude sitcoms that we don't understand basic courtesy?

Are we so accustomed to feel good news, or what creep is a serial killer that we don't want to know what is really happening?

What is really happening is that we need jobs; that people abroad and here are hungry; that our soldiers are being blown to bits, suffering brain and spinal injuries, horrid post-traumatic stress and that BILLIONS are going into endless war?

No one needs a half a dozen or more houses when you are the one with the bank foreclosing on yours because of dubious practices. We may aspire to be rich, but it is daily life that needs ends to meet, that needs enough money for the month, and gee, a rainy day when the car goes, or the plumbing backs up, or a natural disaster comes and eats it all.

One nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for All. It that so hard to understand, or do these people who want all the money not understand E Pluribus Unum either? If this economic crisis was a bad novel, how would you write the end to spell justice? Perhaps Pay Your Fair Share and End Endless War.


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