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Labor Rolls Into Wall Street Protest

By Remy Benoit

From Michelle Chen, In These Times at Common Dreams Labor Movement Rolls Into Wall Street Occupation.

Where are the parents of children whose educations are at risk?

Where are the loved ones of soldiers who need medical, spiritual, heart care when they come home?

Where are those who say enough of endless war?

Where are the teachers, the firemen, the 9/11 responders who need attention for health care?

Where are those without health care?

Where are the rest of you without jobs, with foreclosed homes?

Oh, please, are we to pay for using debit cards now? Isn't low % on accounts and usurious interest on credit cards enough? From Tara Siegel Bernard and Ben Protess, The New York Times at RSN Banks to Make Customers Pay Fee for Using Debit Cards. Don't they get it? Again, it is First in Ten, and The People have the ball!


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