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Robert Naiman: On October 6, Let's Make a National Clamor for Peace

By Remy Benoit

A call for a national day of demands for peace and an end to endless war. This is what the wars are costing you $ wise".

This what the wars are costing our soldiers.
CNN Casualties.

On October 6, Let's Make a National Clamor for Peace.

Much of the nation is beginning to find its voice in the face of the blatant avarice of the few, concerned with their good, not the good of the many. Those on the front lines in combat zones, on hot LZs, driving around IEDs, are busy trying to stay alive, as so many of you visiting here know all too well. THEY especially need our voice to help stay alive, to help them get the care they need if they make it home. How long can we expect anyone to serve without a definite exit plan is sight? We must work harder for peace than we do for war. We must make it clear that these soldiers are our blood, our future and we must watch over them with hard, hard work for peace. Where ever you are, do something on October 6 that says peace is better than war; that compassion and cooperation are more productive than destruction. Tell those soldiers who you once wrapped up in baby blankets, strapped into car seats, stayed up late at night waiting for when they first started driving, that you still care, that they DID NOT magically overnight become casualties to be readily accepted.

From You Tube Dirty F#%^@ing Hippies Were Right.

At Common Dreams Unions Head to Wall Street.



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