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Join Six Bipartisan Colleagues Calling for Common Sense Defense Spending Reforms from the “Supercommittee”

By Remy Benoit

Join Six Bipartisan Colleagues Calling for Common Sense Defense Spending Reforms from the “Supercommittee”
Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) initiated this letter to the Super Committee that has bipartisan support (co-signers listed below. The letter calls for common sense defense spending reforms. Here is her note to other Members of Congress urging them to sign on to the letter. (The text of the letter to Supercommittee follows below.)
As the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or the ‘Supercommittee’ seeks out savings and works to end wasteful spending throughout the federal budget, it is critical that all federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, are subject to the same level of scrutiny and consideration. Significant savings can be realized without compromising our national security.
One of the main drivers of our deficit is military spending and it must be on the table for the committee to consider as they seek to reduce our deficit.
Please join six bipartisan colleagues in calling for the Supercommittee to consider savings opportunities throughout our defense spending.
Please note that the letter specifically rejects any cuts that would compromise the security of American troops in the field, as well as any cuts in services and increases in fees for our veterans and military retirees.
If you are interested in signing on or have any questions about the letter, please contact Teddy Miller in Congresswoman LeeÂ’s office (; or Christopher Bognanno in Rep. CampbellÂ’s office (
Barbara Lee (D-CA-09) John Campbell (R-CA-48)
Barney Frank (D-MA-04) Ron Paul (R-TX-14)
Gwen Moore (D-WI-04) Rush Holt (D-NJ-12)


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